Kansas Jack Automotive Collision Repair Equipment

Product Overview

Power Post™

Kansas Jack Power Post Frame Straightening Floor equipment provides space/saving functionality and portability, allowing you to make the most of your shop’s space.

  • Floor pull system utilizes tie-downs which are countersunk in the floor - there when you need them, out of the way when you don’t.
  • Power Post’s low cost makes it ideal for small shops; it’s portable, space-saving design makes it perfect for larger shops looking to squeeze in extra production space.
  • Comes with pump, ram, anchoring and pulling chain.

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Height: 4 8"
Weight: 163 lbs
Extension Length: 31"
Height with 1 extension: 6 10"
Maximum Extensions: 2
Pulling Capacity: 5/10/20 ton
Hydraulics: 10 ton ram with 6 " stroke


Part Number Description
KTD13000 Anchor Pot
KPK61800 Power Post Extension